Vendor Payment Management

Your vendors are essential to your success. Provide them a pleasant experience and delight them with the Vendor Payment module. The Vendor Payments module provides a digital workflow to manage invoices raised by vendors and payments made to them. This module shows up-to-date information on the state of amounts paid and payable to vendors, and helps to easily manage paperwork in order to enable a faster payment process.

Vendor Portal

Vendor Payment Requests Summary

With our vendor payment module, your vendors get their own portal where they can submit their invoices, view payment advice, and view any information relevant to their interaction with your company. This portal serves two purposes. First, vendors themselves upload their invoices and supporting documents, saving you time. All details are available for you to review and pay your vendor. Second, your vendors have transparency into when their are likely to get paid and other relevant details. This is a significant step in delighting your vendors who are essential to your success.

Customizable invoice approval workflow

Invoice Approval Workflow Stages

Different organizations have different requirements on what information is required to approve invoice payments. Our module comes with meaningful defaults, but is fully customizable to your organization's approval requirements. The module provides statistics to help identify bottlenecks in your vendor payment workflow and email alerts to various approvers at appropriate times to move invoices towards payment.

Detailed audit logs

Vendor Payment Request Audit Log

Every step of the workflow, from invoice upload to the creation to supporting documents to various approval steps to the final payment is logged and available to be viewed if required. Summary information about invoices pending payment is readily available to help prioritize processing.