Tickets and Meetings

Stay on top of your issues. Prioritize tickets, receive alerts and reminders to help your team close tickets on time. Communicate over email like you normally would, and automatically archive your conversations grouped by issues. Run effective meetings by reviewing your rolling list of actions and quickly preparing meeting minutes.

Prioritize and manage open issues

Ticketing module dashboard

The module provides a easy to use ticketing system to track open tasks and issues within your project. Set due dates and assign tickets to your team members or to external organizations such as your clients or vendors, and track the life history of each ticket. The module's smart user interface color codes and lists tickets based on their importance and deadlines, helping users prioritize their work. Email alerts about upcoming due dates nudge your team to act to resolve issues.

Seamless integration with your email

Email being the most popular means of communication in an organization, the ticketing module seamlessly integrates with your email in multiple ways. Email replies exchanged between participants on an issue automatically get organized in the module and are available for searching and viewing in the future. This ability to quickly search historical communication is invaluable in a long project.

The module sends out email alerts and notifications to participants on a ticket as well as reminding ticket assignees about upcoming deadlines. Finally, users are able to view and close tickets in a single click from their email.

Meeting Minutes PDF

Meeting minutes preparation and upload

In addition to supporting standalone tickets, the module integrates well with meetings. Matters discussed in a meeting and requiring further action automatically become trackable tickets in the system. The module makes pretty-looking meeting minutes available in PDF format for you to get approved by all concerned stakeholders.

One of the coolest features of the application is the ability to easily import scanned copies of the meeting minutes. Configure your scanner to email soft copies to us (or email the files manually) and the application will automatically understand the file and attach it to the correct meeting.

Rolling list of actions

Rolling list of actions in Excel format

Use this module to download an Excel file containing a rolling list of pending actions that you can share with your clients and vendors. These pending actions serve as a good starting point for your next review meeting.