Project Management Suite by CloudZen Software Labs

At CloudZen, we understand the challenges that small and medium sized firms face while managing a complex project. To execute a project successfully, it is necessary to plan and keep track of a project's cash flow, monitor and manage the consumption of person hours, and assess the progress of various project activities. CloudZen makes the above simpler by providing clean tools with easy to use interfaces, accessible at any place and time, and hosted securely on the cloud.

Document Management

Track all your documents, comments and changes. Securely store unlimited number of iterations and revisions. Prepare transmittals, upload reviews, and monitor dashboards to help your run your project faster. Know More

Cash Flow Planning and Management

Cash fuels every business activity. In a highly competitive environment, superior cash flow management could make the difference between making and losing money on a project. Our application provides you with the tools to plan out your project's cash inflow and outflow and monitor them during execution. Know More

Invoicing and Billing

When you have to fulfil a large purchase order, the small details become important over time. Using the invoicing module, you can easily record the status of incoming goods, prepare shipment packing lists, confirm the receipt of shipped goods, generate invoices, and track invoice payments. Know More

Vendor Payment

Your vendors are essential to your success. Provide them a pleasant experience and delight them with the Vendor Payment module. The Vendor Payments module provides a digital workflow to manage invoices raised by vendors and payments made to them. This module shows up-to-date information on the state of amounts paid and payable to vendors, and helps to easily manage paperwork in order to enable a faster payment process. Know More

Person Hours Planning and Tracking

Your employees' time is a vital resource. Effectively plan the usage of person hours both within a project and across the organization. Our unique one-click reporting encourages seamless and accurate reporting of consumed hours. Know More

Tickets and Meetings

Stay on top of your issues. Prioritize tickets, receive alerts and reminders to help your team close tickets on time. Communicate over email like you normally would, and automatically archive your conversations grouped by issues. Run effective meetings by reviewing your rolling list of actions and quickly preparing meeting minutes. Know More

Materials Management

Ensure that materials needed to execute various project activities are available at the right place at the right time. Track the following stages in the materials management lifecycle — planning the quantities of various materials required; purchasing materials from different vendors; dispatching materials to multiple locations where it is required; recording the receipt of materials; and finally, issuing and utilizing materials for manufacturing. Know More

Awesome Features

Excellent search and filtering

Quickly get to the information that you are interested in by searching and filtering on different criteria.

User rights management

Secure your data with fine-grained control over who can read or write various data items.

Notifications and Alerts

Configure different types of notifications to track and respond to events when they happen.

Secure sharing

Easily share documents and files with external parties by providing secure secret URLs.

Cloud upload

Upload unlimited number of documents and attachments and store them securely on the cloud.

Analytics and visualization

View and analyze your data in many different ways to optimize your company's operations.

Scan and import

Use special QR codes to import hard copies into our application straight from your scanner.

Multiple devices

Access the application from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.