Preliminary screening questions

This page contains a few questions that we expect our Software Engineers to be able to answer. If you are interested in working with us, please send an email to with answers to the questions below.

Directions and tips


1) An army column, 40 km long, is marching steadily in a straight line. A dispatcher on horseback starts from the rear end of the column riding towards the commander who is at the front of the column. The dispatcher reaches the commander, delivers a message, and comes back to the rear end of the column. During this time, the column has advanced a total of 40 km. What's the distance covered by the dispatcher? Assume that the army column and the dispatcher both move at uniform (of course different) speeds. Assume that no time is spent in actually delivering the message to the commander.

2) Sanskrit poems are composed of two kinds of syllables — shorts and longs. A short syllable takes 1 beat of time while a long syllable takes 2 beats. How many different ways can you fill short and long syllables to fit in a line of poetry that is 8 beats long? Here are a few examples.

3) Write a program (preferably in C, though any programming language is okay) with the following:

4) Write a program and compute the result for problem #42 Coded triangle numbers in Project Euler.