Invoicing Module

When you have to fulfil a large purchase order, the small details become important over time. Using the invoicing module, you can easily record the status of incoming goods, prepare shipment packing lists, confirm the receipt of shipped goods, generate invoices, and track invoice payments.

Prepare invoices and supporting documents

The invoicing module stores your billing schedule details and lets you drag and drop items to create your invoice. Simple tasks such as creating supporting documents — packing lists, insurance intimations, annexures to invoices, and other statutory documentation that your shipments may require — can consume a lot of time. The invoicing module saves person hours for you by reducing the effort in creating the above mentioned documentation. Most importantly, our automation reduces of the chances of human error.

Pretty-looking PDF invoices

Our module generates pretty invoices in PDF format with your company's details. You may further customize how the invoices look as per your specific needs. The invoice is ready to be signed digitally or a user may print it and sign the hard copy.

Our invoices contain a special QR code that gives you the facility to import all supporting documents and the invoice into our application straight from your scanner.

Information search and retrieval

The need to search and retrieve a specific piece of information often arises during the course of a long project. With just a couple of clicks, the module can retrieve information such as the shipments that used a particular transporter, or the invoices on behalf of a vendor, or the invoices with a certain tax rate. Detail breakup of how a line item in your purchase order is billed is quickly available.

Dashboards and analytics

Invoicing timeline

The module provides a live picture comparing your cash in plan to what you have actually invoiced. The module alerts you to when invoice payments are due and can automatically email your clients as well. Analysis such as the average time to get paid and the interest cost of delayed payments can help you negotiate with your clients as well as plan your future projects better.