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Why use CloudZen GST?

The new Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime marks a new era in Indirect Taxation in India. GST unifies India with a simple and single consumption based tax, replacing existing Central taxes such as Excise duty, Service Tax as well as State taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Sales Tax (CST), and Luxury Tax. Instead of complying to various different taxes and rules, businesses now have a single tax to comply to. However, the reporting and return filing requirements are now much higher.

A Taxpayer must report to the Government, each line item of every Invoice they issue.

As you being to think about what this requirement means, that is not all. Under GST,

A Taxpayer must acknowledge and reconcile all inward supply invoices with their records.

Without using proper software technology, a taxpayer will find it almost impossible to meet the GST law's requirements.

CloudZen aims to make GST compliance a pleasant experience. Our cloud-hosted software helps you to

  • Create invoices, print them and upload their details directly to the Government's GST portal.
  • Compare and reconcile between supplier invoices in the Government portal and your records
  • Review pre-populated monthly and annual returns and file them with minimal steps in a timely manner
  • Import data from your existing software into CloudZen
  • Analyze your data along various dimensions

CloudZen GST Features

User rights management

Assign roles to your users to specify their permissions

Notifications and Alerts

Receive notification about new updates and alerts on upcoming deadlines

Secure sharing

Easily share documents and files with external parties by providing secure secret URLs.

Cloud upload

Upload unlimited number of documents and attachments related to your and store them securely on the cloud.

Analytics and visualization

Analyze your sales and purchase data with flexible visualizations

Multiple devices

Access the application from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

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