Document Management

Track all your documents, comments and changes. Securely store unlimited number of iterations and revisions. Prepare transmittals, upload reviews, and monitor dashboards to help your run your project faster.

Document Management Workflow

List of Documents

The document management application supports all activities in the life cycle of an application. An employee initially uploads the first iteration of a document. Other users within the organization have the opportunity to check the document and provide the feedback. In response, the user creates a new iteration.

When the organization feels confident about this revision, they can send it externally for approval. External feedback can be recorded with flexible approval codes as per the needs of the project. The document can go through multiple revisions before it is finalized.

Flexible data recording

Details of a Document

The application is designed to be very flexible. For example, you may record multiple document numbers assigned by different parties for the same document. Similarly, you may record multiple revision numbers assigned by different parties for the same document numbers.

Documents that are fully internal to the organization, documents shared only with vendors, documents shared only with clients, or documents shared with all parties involved are supported seamlessly.

Data analytics and insights

Gain insights into your operations

Data analytics can play a very important role in improving the productivity of any organization. Our application provides different summary views of the underlined data to help you draw meaningful insights. For example, you can easily find out which category of documents go through a lot of revisions before being finalized. You can quickly know which external party is consuming the most time.


Explore rich visualization of your data

The rich activity data from various documents can be visualized in several interesting ways. For example, you can see the number and rate of documents being finalized over the course of a project's life time. This information can be useful in comparing your current projects to those in the past and for optimizing the schedule of projects in the future.