Cash Flow Management

Cash fuels every business activity. In a highly competitive environment, superior cash flow management could make the difference between making and losing money on a project. Our application provides you with the tools to plan out your project's cash inflow and outflow and monitor them during execution.

During project execution, use the billing module to prepare pretty-looking invoices and supporting documents such as packing lists, road permit requests, and insurance intimations. Information about all your shipments, down to the smallest detail, is always available to you, click away. Such functionality is invaluable over the course of a long project. Invoicing Module (See more)

The Vendor Payment module, the billing module's counterpart allows your vendors to log in and directly submit their invoices, thereby reducing your workload. The module supports internal workflows and approvals that must happen before an invoice can be paid, while keeping your vendor informed. Vendor Payment Module (See more)

Using CloudZen EPC's cash flow module, stay up-to-date on how your project's actual cash situation compares to the plan, look ahead with smart projections and execute your project smoothly.