Why join CloudZen?

At CloudZen, we are in the alpha stage of building high-quality analytics for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction industry. Our early customers love our products and find great value managing their business. You will have the opportunity to build technology to solve live problems and see it being used every day. Being an early employee, you will have the opportunity and responsibility to wear multiple hats and shape the future of the company and your career. To apply, please e-mail us at careers@cloudzen.in.

Open Positions

Software Engineer

We are looking for great Software Engineers, strong in any Programming Language with a very good grasp of Computer Science fundamentals. If you understand that engineering is all about making tradeoffs and have mastered the art of making the right ones, we want you!

Most of our code is in Python, and a little bit is in Scala. If you are strong in Python, you will be a fit right away. If you are strong in some other language, that is great too. Having diverse skills helps the team grow better as a whole. If you are one of those geniuses who dabbles in esoteric dialects such as OCaml, Haskell, Erlang, or Rust, we strongly encourage you to apply.
Screening Questions

UX/UI Designer - Front-end Engineer

We understand that providing a great user experience is a hard job that requires diverse skills, from user experience design, to HTML/CSS coding, to JavaScript programming. If you are extremely skilled in at least one of the above, have an eye for detail, and are passionate about brining joy to users, we would love to have you on board.