Our Mission: To unlock your data's potential

Our Mission: To unlock your data's potential

Mon 01 June 2015

Data is a buzzword in this age, deservedly so, not just in the computing industry but across the entire economy. Nearly everyone appreciates the potential of data. A leader of the core industry, Mukesh Ambani repeats the computing industry's mantra that data is the new natural resource. With activity trackers to log individual physical activity and multiple cameras tracking sports players to feed analytics systems, it is clear that the realization of the value of data is now mainstream.

Data is the new oil, and intelligent data is the new petrol.
Mukesh Ambani

The hurdles that stand in the way of unlocking data's potential are not technological, but social and behavioral.

In situations where data collection does not even happen, stakeholders must be convinced to use the right tools to collect data. The fact that someone managed to convince individuals to wear fitness bands and track every meal they eat, or get companies to monitor the movement of all trucks or RFID-tag all assets is a phenomenal accomplishment. Even when data is available, processing and cleaning it and making it available for sophisticated analysis is not trivial. For instance, researchers have demonstrated that 95% of the code written to perform "maching learning" is actually glue code.

It is in this context that we started CloudZen Software Labs. After talking to experienced professionals in various industries, we observed two big impediments to unlocking the potential of a company's data. As hinted above, the first problem is that most fine grained data does not get recorded. Second, any data or analysis produced by individual employees of a company resides in their own spreadsheets. Individual and departments work in their own silos, producing and consuming spreadsheets, passing them around in emails, and pasting them on to slide shows. The sad fact is that, after a presentation all the work done is safely tucked away, never to be opened or analyzed again.

At CloudZen, we build cloud-hosted software first to simplify data collection, and second to do away with spreadsheets altogether. We bring structure to data management so that information is available for sophisticated analysis anytime. By making data and insights visible to the entire organization we can unlock your data's potential.

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